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The feedback has been great. Everyone is happy with the Excavator grab and attachments we can provide to you. The word is getting out and Adjustabucket is growing fast. This is only because of the quality and price of our excavator grabs with the benefit of having an attachment you can keep and use on other earthmoving machines.

Convenience of adjustable attachments

By using our excavator grab or our excavator sieve you can have the bonus of being able to use your attachment on your machine and if you want to use it on another machine you do not have the expense of having to go and by another excavator grab. Just simply re-adjust your excavator grab to suit. I little weld and your done. It's that easy and it will save you thousands of dollars. The excavator grab also is made out of high quality steel and it looks good too. I mean with the comments and feedback we have had, you could say that it is the best excavator grab on the market.

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