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Fully Adjustable Excavator Grab

Tough and Easy to Attach Grapple

Our Excavator Grab is perfect for demolition, recycling, handling, earthmoving, forestry, mining and for all construction and hire companies.

All Purpose Manual Excavator Grab - Adjustabucket
All Purpose Hydraulic Excavator Grab - Adjustabucket
4 to 8 Tonne Adjustable Excavator Grab 5 Finger


Earthmoving Buckets and Attachments

Grab Gallery

Adjustabucket Excavator grabs are distinctively designed compared to traditional excavator grabs. This excavator grab is built with our distinctive adjustable ears, giving our grab or grapple more flexibility on fitting on most excavator machines, with your machine measurements, a simple one off assembly and you are on your way. Adjustabucket excavator grabs are made from HARDOX steel for extra durability.

Fully Adjustable

To Fit Multiple Machines within a Range

Adjustabucket is an Australian Owned business with our specially designed patented excavator attachments. Our excavator attachment gives you the option of adjusting your grapple buckets to suit your excavator machine.


Even if you decide down the track to upgrade your excavator machine, you can keep your excavator attachments and resize the ears and use with the right size pin to fit your new machine. It's that simple.

Stunning Design

Earthmoving Buckets and Attachments

For demolition, recycling, handling, earthmoving, forestry, mining and perfect for all construction and hire companies. Enquire about becoming a dealer.


These excavator buckets are known as either excavator grapples or excavator grabs, whatever you call them, they serve as a useful service to your business as our excavator grabs are ideal for handling timber, rock, waste and demolition materials.


Our innovative and patented design is also far stronger, grapple jaws evenly close so objects are picked up evenly, which allow a more efficient handling process of objects including rocks and logs. These grapples are also resistant to wear than any other bucket on the market. See how the grapple is assembled and see our sieve in action.


So, if you are looking for an excavator grab for your excavator or backhoe, with fast turnaround, our Excavator grapples can be shipped to you directly with Adjustabucket Delivering Worldwide.


The Excavator grab is used for the picking up and moving of natural materials. They are multifunctional tools ideal for construction and demolition, mining and logging industries.


Typical grabbing applications include:

Landscaping: stone laying, moving trees and shrubs, digging. Construction; demolition work including debris, pipes, disposable waste, scrap, garbage, bricks, rocks, roots and waste paper.


Industry; handling of tyres, mining and quarry work. Including the handling of stone, rock, construction aggregate, riprap, slate or gravel excavated from the ground.


Recycling: grabbing waste from recyclable material, before crushing relevant materials to reuse


Adjustabucket's excavator grabs can help to save your construction work, allowing you to grab a wider variety of items and materials. Grabbing rock and other debris from soil and clay as well as using our excavator sieves is essential in today's economy and can save your time and money. Our High performance excavator grapples will improve your productivity and performance.


Adjustabucket’s design of excavator attachments is for more efficient for digging and loading of material and has a Heavy duty, construction for increased strength for longer bucket life and durability.

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