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Fully Adjustable Excavator Grab

Tough and Easy to Attach Grapple

Do you have difficulty in tearing earth apart in your construction projects? This fully adjustable excavator ripper is fully designed to be able to accomplish the job with ease.

4 to 8 Tonne Adjustable Excavator Grab 5 Finger
All Purpose Hydraulic Excavator Grab - Adjustabucket


Earthmoving Buckets and Attachments

Adjustabucket Excavator rippers are distinctively designed compared to traditional excavator rippers. This excavator grab is built with our distinctive adjustable ears, giving this ripper more flexibility on fitting on most excavator machines. With your machine measurements, a simple one off assembly and you are on your way. Adjustabucket excavator grabs are made from HARDOX steel for extra durability.

Excavator Ripper Gallery

Fully Adjustable

To Fit Multiple Machines within a Range

Adjustabucket is an Australian Owned business with our specially designed patented excavator attachments. Our excavator attachment gives you the option of adjusting this ripper to suit your excavator machine.


Even if you decide down the track to upgrade your excavator machine, you can keep your excavator attachments and resize the ears and use with the right size pin to fit your new machine. It's that simple.

Stunning Design

Earthmoving Buckets and Attachments

This attachment supplements the ability of the bucket to be able to make the task of toiling the earth faster and more efficient. Go for a durable and versatile excavator ripper attachment that could last you a really long time.


Adjustabucket has designed high-end yet affordable ripper that could fit your needs. These Australian owned products are versatile enough to fit different excavator machineries due to its patented innovation features. This can’t get any better than this and it will serve as a useful service to your business.


All of our attachments can be shipped to you directly with Adjustabucket Delivering Worldwide or pickup at our Arndell Park, NSW warehouse.

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